IP Address: Definition And Usage (WiFi Router)

IP addresses are digital numbers that given to technical devices like network devices and internet devices. It is sort like MAC address, which helps devices to use the internet services.
Even your phone has IP address like There are other daily use devices like routers, extenders, modems, computers and laptops.
But here we will discuss an IP address that is, which is most used to reach the web interface of the WiFi routers. You will learn what IP address used for and how you can access the router’s interface. We will discuss the interface features and advantages later in this page. But, first let’s take a look at what is IP address.

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What is IP Address?

This mentioned IP address is used in some network devices that help users to get access to the interface of the devices. This IP address help your network device to access the internet.
It is not the most used IP digit but it is used in routers and other network devices. Under upcoming section you will get to know how you can setup a WiFi router if it has a IP assigned. You should follow these steps to avoid technical problems like not working or interface is not responding. So why wait let’s start this section without wasting time. IP Address

How to Setup Assigned IP WiFi?

You can easily setup a router in your router even with the help of its IP address. The routers provide its users a web interface utility, so that you can adjust its settings and new networks. This section has two simple to understand parts. In first part we will explain how you can connect your router to your home modem or ISP server. The second part contains knowledge about how to use the IP address to log in to the router’s interface.

Hardware Connection

  • You have to connect your modem or ISP server socket to provide internet to the WiFi router.
  • The modem sends router the physical signals and then the router converts them in to the WiFi signals.
  • You have to use the Ethernet cable to connect your router to modem.
  • He pattern to inserting the cable is WAN port of the WiFi router and LAN of the modem.
  • Just connect the Ethernet cable and turn it on by connecting power cord to the electric socket and pressing the power button.

Note: You have to use an Ethernet cable and power cord, which are in good condition to establish physical connections. Don’t insert teh network cable into wrong ports.

So, above are the steps to connect your WiFi router to the modem by using the Ethernet cable. Now, let’s use your router’s assigned IP address to log in to the interface with simple steps.

Accessing Interface

  • The first step to access the interface of router from the IP address is connecting your router to computer via LAN cable.
  • You can also use your laptop to access. Now, open your computer’s web browser and search login IP address.
  • The IP address will take you to the login interface page, where you have to type router’s username and password.
  • These WiFi admin credentials will be found on the label as well as in the user manual of the WiFi router.
  • Just enter the founded username and password, and click the NEXT button, which takes you to the router’s interface dashboard.

On this dashboard, you can configure the router settings and new connected networks. You can also update your router system (WiFi firmware), add new password to admin, and enable amazing features from this interface dashboard.

Note: You must use a wired connection to access the interface of router like computer and laptop. Never use outdated version of your computer’s web browser to log into the web interface of the WiFi router which have IP address.

We have reached at the end of this page, where you have read about the IP address, which is used to access the router’s interface. We have added a definition and usage section related to login IP address digits We have also troubleshooting note to dispel technical issues, if you face any while accessing the interface through your computer.

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