Reyee Extender Setup

Are you having sleepless nights due to poor connectivity and unwanted dead zones in your home? Are you sick of constantly having to deal with that buffering wheel during your online streaming sessions? No need to worry now! Reyee WiFi Extender is one the finest solutions to deal with these kinds of networking issues. Here, we provide you with the necessary Reyee Extender Setup support that helps you to get going with your brand new Reyee WiFi range extender. We strive to make your frustrating experiences with your existing internet a smooth and enjoyable one.
Reyee Extender Setup
Continue reading as we will walk you through the straightforward yet potent process of Reyee Extender Setup, which will allow you to access a whole new world of connectivity opportunities. But first, just have a quick overview of the Reyee Extender Setup and know what the product is all about.

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Reyee Extender Setup in Quick Steps

Here are the quick steps for conducting the Reyee Extender Setup:

  • Get all the prerequisites ready with you, including a Reyee Extender, modem, computer, ethernet cable, WiFi credentials, etc.
  • Check and verify connectivity and then make connections between devices (modem to Reyee extender and extender to your computer device)
  • Start with the Reyee extender login.
  • Finish the login process as instructed on the screen by filling in your WiFi network credentials.
  • After login, the Reyee Extender Setup page will appear.
  • Choose the network that you want to extend. You may find the SSID of your Reyee extender on the product label.
  • Now, follow the displayed instructions to complete the Reyee Extender Setup.
  • Relocate the device for better connectivity, speed, and coverage.

Reyee WiFi Extender

There are not so many products that Reyee manufactures and sells. But what Reyee manufactures and sells is remarkable. As of now, Reyee has only one WiFi range extender in its product list and that is Reyee REX12 Extender. Let’s have a deeper look at this product from Reyee.

Reyee REX12 WiFi Range Extender is the latest innovation from Reyee. It has the potential to elevate your home connectivity to new boundaries. As a WiFi extender, this device goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that every corner of your space has a strong and reliable WiFi signal. Let’s delve into the features that make the Reyee WiFi Extender a game-changer in the world of connectivity.

Features of the Extender

Features of the Extender

features of reyeeThe top features of the Reyee WiFi extender comprise the features listed below:

  • MU- MIMO
  • One-Click Setup
  • One-Click Mesh
  • 2 FEM
  • 1200 Mbps Speed
  • Connect up to 96 devices
  • Coverage up to 7800 sq. ft.
  • Bandwidth (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Best Performance with 2FEMs

Why Should You Use a Reyee Extender?

The Reyee Extenders are intended to be the connectivity saviors of your home, eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones and making certain that a strong signal is available in every nook and cranny. Reyee Extenders are your ticket to uninterrupted connectivity wherever you are in your home, whether you are working in your home office, streaming movies in your living room, or gaming in your basement.

Reyee Extender Setup: WPS (One Click Setup)

The WPS feature allows users to finish the Reyee Extender Setup in just one click. Here is how you should do the WPS-based Reyee Extender setup:

  • First, place the device in a strong network area.
  • Second, power on your device by plugging the power plug into a power socket.
  • Next, ensure your modem or router has a WPS function.
  • Once your device is ready to function further, press the WPS button on your existing modem or router.
  • Press the WPS button on your Reyee Extender as well.
  • Once the blinking Signal LED turns solid, it indicates a successful connection.
  • Reyee Extender Setup (One-Click Mesh)

This Reyee Extender Setup method comes into play when you already have a Reyee WiFi router and you want to connect your extender to it. This is also a one-click setup process. As usual, you first need to verify everything is in place and then you can simply go ahead with the setup process. Just press the mesh button on your Reyee router. When Signal LED gets stable or turns solid, it means you have successfully finished the Reyee Extender Setup via a one-click mesh setup method.

Reyee Extender Setup via Mobile App

If you are not fine with any of the Reyee Extender Setup methods we have discussed so far, you can choose the App-based setup. To go with this method, you first need to download and install the Reyee app on your device. Next, log into your Reyee Extender account by using default credentials. Once done, choose the SSID that you want to extend and then simply follow the in-app Reyee Extender setup instructions.

Reyee Extender Setup via Mobile App

Common Reyee Extender Issues We Resolve

Here are common Reyee Extender Setup and additional issues that we can help you with:

  • Connection Drops: Experiencing unexpected disconnections? Let us identify the source and fix it.
  • Slow Internet Speeds: Buffering slowing you down? We’ll optimize your Reyee Extender settings for faster speeds.
  • Forgotten Passwords: Locked out of your Reyee Extender? We’ll guide you through the password recovery process.
  • Configuration Challenges: Extender settings seem confusing. We’ll navigate through them together, ensuring optimal performance.

Access to Our Reyee Extender Setup Support

Sometimes, the Reyee Extender setup process could be a bit complex for you. This happens especially with newbies to wireless WiFi networks. If you face any sort of issues while dealing with the Reyee Extender Setup process, you can connect to our professional support team. They have immense knowledge and understanding of how Reyee Extender works. So, they can certainly provide you with the right guidance and effective Reyee Extender Login and set-up solutions.

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