Cyseed Wi-Fi Range Extenders Signal Booster


Cyseed BLK-300mbps Wi-Fi Range Extenders Signal Booster
The Cyseed Wi-Fi Extender can effortlessly improve your WiFi connection and coverage, increasing it to an area of up to 8600 square feet. No signal degradation occurs while going through cement floors or thick walls. The cost-effective 2022 wireless internet extension offers the speed that the majority of families require. The 300Mbps 2.4 GHz band technology boosts wireless signal to previously inaccessible or challenging-to-wire places. It can smoothly carry out your preferred activities, such as playing online games, streaming 4K movies, or transferring large data. With its strong CPU and cutting-edge front-end module chipset, this internet extender can easily meet the demands of every device in your house. Up to 40 devices, including IP cameras, gaming consoles, computers, tablets, and smartphones, can be connected with stable WiFi performance.

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30 second setup for 1 button. You can set up this WiFi Repeater even if you lack technical expertise. The four smart modes on a repeater, bridge, access point, and router readily satisfy various demands. to access point mode so you can wirelessly share your internet. an Ethernet port for wired connections that are much faster. To extend your wireless internet, you can effortlessly connect to any router brand using hardware that is cross-compatible. Complete WPA/WPA2 protocols guarantee internet security, identify and stop online hazards in real time, and maintain the stability and security of your WiFi. We offer technical help seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, and a guarantee of eighteen months.

How To Reset WiFi Extender

On the network extender’s connecting side, there is a little hole where the factory reset button is positioned. Place a paperclip with one end unfurled into the hole for factory reset, then press and hold the button with the paperclip for at least 30 seconds. For the reset to succeed, the gadget needs to be plugged into electricity.

How To Connect WiFi Extender To Router Without WPS

Find the Ethernet cable that connects your router to your PC and unplug the end that is attached to it. Next, connect it straight to the range extender. By doing this, an Ethernet connection between the range extender and the PC will be established.

How To Change Wifi Extender Password

  • To access the range extender’s web-based configuration page, launch a browser.
  • After that, you will be asked for a password.
  • Toggle to Basic Settings.
  • The Network Name (SSID) and Password sections should be filled out with your selected wireless username and password.

How To Hide The SSID Of The Extended Network

  • Select Extended Network under Wireless in Settings.
  • When you choose Hide SSID broadcast, the matching SSID will not show up when your wireless device searches for nearby wireless networks, forcing you to manually connect to the network.
  • Press Save.

Call Toll Free for Support: 1-866-889-0666

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