WiFi Routers are networking devices that work as an Internet provider which helps you to run the scroll social media or play online games. There are several brands like Netgear, Linksys, TP-link and more others that provide networking devices You can easily purchase the routers and other networking devices like extenders and modems online through the brand website. And set them up by their assigned IP like

You can easily setup a router in your house with the help of its web interface faculty using your computer. Here in this page, you will learn how you can add a modem in your new router interface through its assigned IP address At the start, you will find accessories that need to setup your router. After the accessories requirement, you will go through the installation of your router within simple steps.

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Requirements: WiFi installation

Here you will see the accessories that you need to install your new WiFi router to establish a connection with home modem. Let’s list them up.

  • Ethernet cable: You will found the Ethernet cable in the WiFi router box which you can use to link modem to router. If it is cut or damaged then call the customer support.
  • Power cord: The power cord will also be found in the router box that you can use to supply power to the router.
  • Optimal spot: You must choose an optimal location in your house far away from the electronic devices like microwave ovens and close to the modem.

Now let’s have a look at two remaining sections that provide installation setup steps, which are given right down here.

Hardware Setup: WiFi Installation

This section will give information about the hardware link between the router and modem through the Ethernet cable. So, let’s start the setup process without wasting any time.

  • You must place the router device near to the modem and use the Ethernet cable to link them.
  • The pattern to connect the cable is WAN port of the router and LAN port of the modem.
  • After connecting the network cable, turn the router and modem by connecting power cord to the power connector.
  • Just insert the power adaptor to wall socket and press the power button given on the front to turn on the router.

So, now time comes to access the web interface of your router with help of your computer using the IP address

How to login to

Making sure that is your router or modem’s default gateway address is the first step before accessing the router control interface. You wouldn’t be able to visit the login page if the default gateway wasn’t 192.168.l00.1; instead, the browser wouldn’t be able to access any webpages. Thus, confirm that is set as the default gateway address on your router or modem.

After that is finished, use an Ethernet cable or wireless technology to connect your device to the router/modem. Proceed with these steps to access

  • Open the web browser you normally use to browse the internet.
  • Press Enter after typing or in the address bar of a newly opened tab.
  • This will bring up the login screen. To proceed, you must input your password and login username.
  • To continue, enter the password and username. If you are unsure of your router’s or modem’s default login credentials, you can look them up online or on the box that comes with it.
  • At this point, the router management interface will be open to you.

You have to notice that not all the router have same interface gateways IP addresses like It can also be like or any other, you can check by seeing the label or user manual of the router.

In this informative page, you have got answers of how to connect a new WiFi router with your modem with the help of IP address We have provided accessories requirements, hardware setup, and how to log in to interface of router.

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