What is IP Address?

WiFi routers help you to use the internet facilities in your internet devices like phones, laptop or computers. These WiFi routers are very easy to setup and simple to use. Some routers provide web interface utilities that you can access through login URL or login IP address.

You will get an overview of a WiFi router here, which is new and has to setup in your home and it has an assigned IP address You just have to follow and apply simple steps and tips to install it correctly. Why waste time, let’s start this interesting and informative page.

How to use IP?

Above written IP address usually assigned to WiFi routers. It is a login address, which takes you to the web interface of the router. From this interface, you can adjust the router’s settings and networks, upgrade the WiFi, and enable various feature. You just have to use your computer or laptop to reach the admin interface.
Now, have a look on, how to set your router up with the help of the assigned login IP address.

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How to Adjust Settings Through

If you have bought a new router and you want to setup quickly, you just have to follow below written steps.

Connect It with Modem

  • You have to link your modem to router first via an Ethernet cable.
  • Just locate the internet port of the WiFi and LAN port of the modem.
  • Then, insert the Ethernet cable to the located ports.

Start Your WiFi Router

  • After linking the router to the modem, you have to turn the WiFi on.
  • Plug the router’s power cord to a wall socket and then press the power button on the WiFi.
  • Your network device will turn on and it is time to access the interface of the router.

Link Your Computer to It

  • To access, you have to link your computer to the router via LAN cable.
  • Simply, start the computer after the connection and open a web browser.


  • Now, search the login IP on the web browser.
  • Login IP will take you to the login interface page, where you have to enter the login details.
  • Find the login credentials (username and password) into user manual or on label of the router.

Manage Router Setting

  • Type in the located credentials in to the page and press the Enter key.
  • You will reach inside the router’s interface; here you can adjust the settings and networks of your new WiFi.

You can also upgrade your networking device by updating the firmware from here and enable various amazing features.

Down here, we have added an extra section that contains troubleshooting tips. These tips will help you to dispel any problem, if you face any in future.

For Better Performance: Troubleshooting Tips

We will share some of the tips related to your router, which have assigned IP address, so that you can dispel any technical problem.

  • You have to make sure that you didn’t place any electronic device near the router, because it can cause network interruption.
  • Just check twice that you have connected the Ethernet cable to the correct ports of the router and modem.

modem ethernet ports

  • You must double check that you have written the correct login URL or assigned IP address
  • You have to be sure that you have rightly managed the settings and networks of the WiFi router.

We have to advise you that you will not find the above mentioned IP address assigned to all the routers. Users find more others like, or that are given to their WiFi devices.

It is end of this informative page, where you have learned about what is and its connection to WiFi router. We have shared how to setup your new router that has assigned above mentioned IP address number.

At the end of the page, we have also added a new and extra section ‘troubleshooting tips’. These tips help you to the set router correctly and dispel any problem if any occur in the process. Hope, you have successfully gathered the knowledge about IP address.

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